Company Information

We have contributed to the realization of the optimum production site through providing reliable, competitive machine & equipment according to customer needs. Utilizing our accumulated experience and know-how combined with the Sumitomo Corporation Groups' extensive networks,
we support operation for Customers' globalization not only in Thailand 
but also in Asia where demand is expected to expand in the future as Machinery and Electronics general trading Company of Sumitomo Corporation Group.

Company History

Aug 1996   Original corporate establishment as  A-FOSS(THAILAND)LTD.

Jan  2014    Increase in capital to 16 million Baht

Jun  2015   Corporate name changed  to SC Machinex Asia Ltd.

Sumitomo Corporation Group

Through cooperation with the Sumitomo Corporation Group’s oversea office,

we meet a wide variety of customers’ demand.

  Challege to Change!

SC Machinex Asia Ltd.

Link Youtube: Challenge to Change! SC Machinex Asia Ltd.

SC Machinex Asia Ltd.

909 Ample Tower Building 15th Floor,
Debaratna Road, North Bangna
Sub-district, Bangna District, Bangkok 10260 Thailand
Tel. (+66) 2-017-0221,23-24
Fax. (+66) 2-744-1964, (+66) 2-017-0220

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